Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day After

The Day after one of the oddest days in America. Happy couples everyone and sad single people everywhere
 and people like me who frankly just do not care. I personally spent all of V-Day ignoring it staying at home getting ahead of my homework feels good to tell you the truth to not have to worry about planning my day around a girl and then worrying if she was enjoying herself and blah.

Do not want to turn this thread into an emo fest so I will start talking the positives..........GO Lakers haha they are starting to dominate like the team they should be in the end... I feel random today haha so if some of my posts do not make sense that is why...Straw berry Ice Cream.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Improving

So a few days ago I have had a life changing day where I actually looked at my life and realized that it really was turning into shit hahah. I mean my professional life is going good making more money then I ever had and my school life was decent, but mainly my personal life. Mainly my self-taking care of skills have plummted so today I took that back haha so proud of myself

I always pledged to go back out to the bars I use to go out to all the time but I have not recently due to me being lazy and stuff so today is a great step in the right direction. Even though I left Corpus Christi mentally I need to build this routine and personal skills up so it will transfer will when I leave this town.

Ok done with the lame stuff haha, If you guys have not played some starcraft two you need to get on it right now haha the game is amazing and will make you forget about homework for maybe three years hahaha but thats ok because if you travel to Korea you can become a pro gamer and make a lot of money

SOO todays post is extremly random, so I will leave it with a great story today from where I work. I work at The Geek Squad (haha I know what you guys are thinking computer god :p) This customer had bought a new PC and when I was done finishing it up she asked me to look at another computer she had, she said it was a little old...The computer had windows 95 on it and she asked me if I could install Her Norton 2011 on it hahaha good times

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I should be doing my homework

......but I'm not and its getting late. I wonder what part of the brain forces you to disregard logical commen sense just so you can lurk the internet for another hour or two maybe for a cheap laugh, or getting stuck in a wikipedia maze?

Who will ever know but it can be annoying and time consuming hahaha, but guess you can only blame yourself, or I can blame AL Gore Shame on you bro :p. So since im up and my homework is laid to the wayside I decided to get off wikipedia and update this little blog of mine since SOO many people read it (hahahaa).

I browsed through a bunch of ESL related material today and it has pumped me up for the chance to go. Soo many postiive experiences ( a few bad ones but that is going to happen). Its so exiciting to hear about other people's experince with new cultures and just overall experiences. I wish it was next year already haha uhwell ony ten months to go =/

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life is what you make it!

Sappy post incoming, so just enjoy it lol

Today I got off my ass and joined an online ESL Teaching certifaction program! It really feels like I will soon be starting a new exciting part of my life soon. It feels extremly surreal and I'm way to excited and pumped now to calm down.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Its About time

I'm so sick of being stuck in the same cycle everyday, so I decided to do something about it!

Hi I'm Josh and no this will not be an emo based blog, this will have an actual solution to my problems that do not involve a razor. Lately I have been stuck in this town of Corpus Christi trying to finish my college degree so I can fill important and successful! Then I got to thinking that is lame I wanna be rich, have superpowers, be an official lingerie football league referee, and travel the world. Then I realized one of those dreams is possible!


I have decided that I will travel the world ( Shame on the lingerie thing! ). How is that possible for just that guy to be able to afford it all? Will ladies and gents I'm starting the path to Teach ESL ( English as a second language) to every country possible. I will be starting with Japan! Here in my blog I Will detail my journey ( sounds epic right?) and explain more about the process, so you guys following at home can join me if you like :D.

So they point of this blog is not to proclaim how awesome I AM (but I am). Its more to show you guys if you are stuck with some boring routine, get off your ass and try something new. Hell I know this guy will be trying   doing!